Buy Intense 70% Chocolate (500g)  Online
Rs. 923
An intense, opulent and fragrant dark chocolate mystery
Buy Gooey Chocolate Online
Rs. 1538
Baked Chocolate cake filled with chocolate. Perfect Gooey Chocolate Cake for all Sweet Tooth’s! If there’s something, every chocolatier loves; it is a rich, scrumptious and light chocolate cake. Made with the finest dark chocolate, chefs at Smoor have found the perfect dessert to change your day for the best. The all-new Gooey Chocolate cake is available at our online cake shop, and embodies one of the most prominent cake designs in Bangalore. It is a baked chocolate cake oozing with chocolate. You can rely on our hassle-free delivery service to undergo the best shopping experience for online cake order in Bangalore. We use fine-quality ingredients for baking and provide made-to-order cakes, which keep the freshness intact. You can buy Gooey Chocolate Cake online for every occasion, be it a grand birthday celebration or just a dessert after dinner. Drop by at our store in Bangalore to explore the entire collection of cakes and couverture chocolates in person, while savoring the best patisseries.   
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Rs. 1599
Soft chocolate sponge layered indulgently with dark chocolaty ganache. Savor Premium Belgium Chocolate Cakes If you are on the lookout to get your taste buds in a twirl, buy Belgium cakes & chocolates online at Smoor, for the best online chocolate shopping experience there is. Our skilled bakers have gone out of their way to design the most delicious range of eggless cakes for you to relish just as much as the other ones. We make it easy for you to order eggless chocolate cake online across Bangalore, with our reliable delivery services ensuring on-time deliverables. One can never go wrong with a gift of a cake on any special occasion. The Belgium chocolate cake features a soft chocolate sponge layered indulgently with dark chocolaty ganache to please your senses. Treat your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones with the flavorsome Belgium chocolate cake made with love at Smoor available at the best prices across India.   
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Rs. 1599
A French classic, made with almond sponge soaked in coffee. French Opera Cake now at Smoor! Known to be brought in by the French, Opera cake is a delicacy that combines dark chocolate and coffee in the best possible way. It is a cake made with seemingly light and dark layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, filled with dark chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream infused in a chocolate glaze. The butter cream is light, complimenting the velvety dark chocolate ganache in the perfect manner. Buy Opera cake online at Smoor’s online cake shop and make every occasion the best it could be. Offer this layered French classic as a surprise to your friends, family and loved ones to make their special day even more special. Browse the collection of delicious patisserie on our website or drop by at our store and make your selection to order a cake in Bangalore.     
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One of the best kind of cheesecake in existence. Have we ever lied to you? Satisfy Cake Cravings with our New York Based Cheese Cake At Smoor, we create a variety of cakes in our bakery, including the most popular of all, cheesecake. Our highlight is the new and exclusive New York Based cheesecake, which will satisfy all your dessert cravings in a jiffy. Made with a light crust featuring intense flavors of a silky smooth cheese dessert, this baked cheesecake is undoubtedly one of the best in existence. Buy New York Baked Cheese cake only at Smoor at the best prices in India, and send it across Bangalore. If you are looking for a cheese cake for home delivery in Bangalore, Smoor’s your destination. We have a wide range of cheesecakes which will make you come back for more, so go ahead and place your first order online. Select your delivery option from the choices of  next-day and fixed-day delivery and voila!    
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A creamy New York cheesecake lightly flavoured with vanilla, on a biscuit-crumble base. Blueberry Cheesecakes for everything Cheese! Cheesecakes are flavor and richness rolled into one and blueberries just give it the much needed flavor without adding too many calories. The quest to design perfectly baked, textured and presented cheesecakes has led our confectioners master the art of baking American cakes. The blueberry cheesecake at Smoor is a creamy New York cheesecake lightly flavored with vanilla, on a biscuit-crumble base. We offer blueberry cheese cake delivery in Bangalore  hence, spread your love and extend best wishes to your family and friends . You can browse through our entire collection of cakes at Smoor’s cake shop to buy blueberry cheesecake online. Relish happiness with a bite of the softest cheesecake at the Smoor lounge in Bangalore, experiencing an ideal customer service. We strive to leave an everlasting impression on you, so every time you think of cakes, you think of us.  
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Soft mousse cake with layers of Vanilla crème Brulee and hazelnut chocolate, coated with crunchy chocolate spray for a perfect finish. Buy Made-To-Order Intensive Red Velvet Cake Online. Embodying a combination of velvety mousse and appealing red velvet texture, the intensive red velvet cake in the exclusive range of cakes at Smoor is the perfect recipe for birthdays, anniversaries and every special occasion. Our talented confectioners specialize in creating masterpieces, just the sight of which ensure smiles on your loved ones’ faces. With easy order process and dedicated delivery system, you can order red velvet cake online for the best price in India on our website, worry free. The intensive red velvet cake at Smoor is a treat of varying textures featuring a soft mousse cake with layers of Vanilla crème Brulee and hazelnut chocolate, coated with crunchy chocolate spray for a perfect finish. If you are on a quest to figure out the best cake shops in Bangalore, Smoor is your ultimate answer. Buy intensive red velvet cake online freshly baked to perfection, with our online cake shop for delivery across Bangalore.  
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Naked layers of rich red velvet sponge and cream cheese icing. Shop the Glorious Red Velvet Naked Cake at Smoor! Whenever there is a talk about glamour, there’s a mention of the esteemed red velvet cake. Straight from a wedding function to a Valentine’s Day celebration, a red velvet cake represents love like no other. Naked cakes have emerged as the most sensational trends of modern times. Our skilled artisans at Smoor have mastered this ideology to perfection, creating the most decadent red velvet naked cake featuring multiple naked layers of rich red velvet sponge slathered with delicious cream cheese icing. You can visit our cake shop in Bangalore, or you can buy red velvet naked cake online on our website for home delivery. If you are looking to surprise your friends, family or better half, then your search ends here. Our reliable delivery process ensures prompt cake delivery to your desired location in Bangalore along with guaranteed smiles.    
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A stunning celebration cake comprising of seven colourful layers with a cream cheese frosting.