Choose from our range of delicious cookies and crisps.


Buy Oat   Cranberry Cookies Online
Rs. 240
A perfect unison of oats, cranberries, and handcrafted cookie dough.
Buy Fantasy Choco   Nuts Cookies Online
Rs. 250
Deep Intense chocolate blended with origin sourced nuts.
Buy Honey   Oats   Quinoa Cookies Online
Rs. 250
Nutritious cookies made with honey, oats, and quinoa.
Buy Coconut Thins Online
Rs. 268
The natural sweetness of rich coconut shines through in this gluten – free cracker.
Buy Coconut   Curry Thins Online
Rs. 268
Slightly toasted coconuts perfectly juxtaposed with aromatic curry leaves making this gluten-free crisp a joy to relish.
Buy Garam Masala Thins Online
Rs. 268
The classic Indian spice packs a punch in this gluten- free cracker
Buy Salted Caramel Thins Online
Rs. 268
Bittersweet rich caramel thinly laced with sea salt in a gluten- free cracker.
Buy Honey   Almond Cookies Online
Rs. 275
Made with pure honey and toasted almonds.
Buy Chia   Dill   Cheddar Sablé Online
Rs. 275
Crafted with cheddar, dill and a sprinkle of fresh chia.
Buy Paprika   Cheese   Chilli Sablé Online
Rs. 275
A delightful crumbly sablé with paprika, cheese and chilli.